leaser cut wood engraving

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We can deliver you a superb engraved product. On a wide range of materials including stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminium, copper, silver and rigid plastic.

We can complete all necessary design work to incorporate any logos or drawings to give your bespoke sign a superb quality finish.

Whether you need this type of signage for your Garden Seat or perhaps for a sign on the entrance to your Business or Home or even for a statue or Club Winners Board, we can supply you with what you need and at a cost that won’t leave you reeling!

We have more examples of our specialised engraved signs but would prefer if you called us to ask to see some samples as our Client confidentiality is important to us and a lot of what we do is very personal.

engraved planters bins

Engraved Stainless steel signs


A sign in stainless steel contributes to the grandeur of Statues, Personalised Benches, Historical artefacts, Offices, Monuments and a wide range of uses that leave the viewer with an impression that is of a high quality. Such a sign is designed to make you feel a sense of pride and importance.

Our signs are manufactured utilising a water jet which is designed to cut out text and Logos from any solid stainless steel plate. The results are stunning and can be cost effective. A fabricated stainless steel sign offers an affordable alternative to solid plate for depths of ½” to 8″ without resorting to the use of lesser grade and quality aluminium.

Solid stainless steel lends itself well to precision water jet cutting and supports fine lines for letters as well as intricate designs for logos.

We offer a range of options:

  • Water jet Stainless steel & precision fabrication for deeper & hollow letters
  • Select from a brushed or a polished finish
  • Natural rust finish available for a distressed or antique appearance
  • Mounting with spacers which allows stainless steel signs to “float” off the wall
  • Mounting to metal, glass, frosted acrylic or wood panels for increased depth
  • Can accommodate intricate letters as small as ½” high or up to 5 feet high